Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

Ok so I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but my Sister-In-Law and I have made some beautiful ornaments for a ornament making party we're hosting in December. We had tons of fun making these and they're very easy and very cheap to make!

First we have our music notes ornament. I've seen these around and I've really wanted to try to make them. This is my SIL's finished product. I just LOVE the button to top it all off. All we did was cut strips of music note paper about 1/4" wide. We left them 12" long and fed them through until we got the desired look and amount of paper throughout the glass ornament. We wrapped twine around the top of the ornament and hot glued the button with the string already attached. Finished it off with a twine bow and the ornament came out adorable!

Next we have our feather ornaments! I LOVE THESE! I got the idea after seeing a ornament with feathers in it and another with this pretty glitter top, I wanted to combine the two. So we just got our glass ornament, filled it with the desired color and consistency of feathers. Then we chose paint and two different kinds of glitter (fine glitter for the bottom and flaky glitter for the top) We painted the glass to look like feathered ice and put the glitter on it while it was still wet. Concentrating the flaky glitter at the top to make it look beautifully frosted. The silver was mine and the gold was my Sister-In-Laws. We made a set of each!

And last but not least my TREE! I've been wanting to make these little tree ornaments for the longest time (a few years now). I just never could find the right trees for it. Well I finally did! I found these little fir trees with bases that barely fit into the top of the ornament. I hot glued the bottom of the tree and gently lowered it into the bottom of the ornament. After it dried, I took a paint brush and painted around the tree just enough to make it look like snow from the outside. Then I put in a little flocking powder while it was still wet, to look like snow. I added a little extra flocking powder loose in the ornament, so it looked like fresh snow. I put the silver top back onto the ornament and wrapped twine around it. I'm so happy the way they came out. I was going to give them away as a gift, but I think I'll keep them. I can always a make more!


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