Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Craft Room!

While there is still LOADS of work to be done to it, I thought I'd share my craft room! I just cleaned it and it probably won't look this good again for a while. ;o) I'm a messy scrapper. Click on them to see them bigger. I'm still figuring out how I can get them bigger on the page without them being cut off on the side. :)

Here's right when you walk in. I shoved a lot of furniture into a little space so it's kind of tight but I just love it!

This is my Silhouette Cameo / Cricut E2 station. Right now all of my cartridges are kinda smooched together because of space and I've been using my Cameo more. The piece of paper on the side is a list of my carts so I know what I have to work with. I recently sold like 30 of them because I found myself hoarding cartridges! I thought they would be better off with people who'd use them. 

The branch and birds were so easy to make. The branch is made out of craft wrapping paper! I laid it out and drew the branch then cut it out. For the leaves I used a few different types of cardtstock, you can't tell but there's also a patterned paper in there. I think it was a CTMH paper, I wish I remembered the collection. I used the Flower Shoppe cartridge for the leaf shape. The birds were used from the Recollections Mosaic Memories paper pad. I LOVE that paper pad, enough to buy two! I'm pretty sure I used the Winter Woodland cartridge for the birds. And I just used my ATG gun to tape it on!! It's over a month old and still stuck really good so we'll see how long it stays.

Most of my furniture is from Ikea. I LOVE Ikea. Both desks and the shelving is from there, I need to get some baskets so it doesn't look so cluttered but I know where everything is so I kind of don't mind. I found these picture holder things to hang my ribbon and embellishments, it worked out way better than I thought it would! 

The black desk was my OLD scrap desk. I lived in a 650 sq. ft. apartment in Hawaii (my husband is in the military). So I had to fit my Cricut and cartridges and ALL of my craft stuff on or under that table! Needless to say, this home and room has been a huge blessing. That set of drawers is perfect for my paper. I keep my scraps in the top two drawers and full sheets of cardstock and paper kits in the drawers beneath it. My other embellishments is in the bottom drawer. I love that thing! Plus it's on wheels so I can wheel it out and put it next to me while I'm working on a project. Again, it's from Ikea. :)

Oh and the blanket on the ground is for my Papillons, Hank my 5 year old and Baxter he's 6 months old.

They pretty much rule the roost!


  1. Nice space thanks for sharing it. I am a messy crafter too.

  2. nice and neat room love your cute fur babies.


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