Friday, April 13, 2012

An aimless day in my craft room...

Usually, when I walk across the threshold into my scrap domain, I already have something of a game plan in my head. I'd have been inspired by something or finally decide to get to a project I've been putting off. Today however, I walked in with a brain as empty as can be. I had no idea what I was going to do. Sometimes I love those days, other times, I hate them. Well, I loved today. Actually, I hated today, I was having a particularly bad day, which is why I took refuge in my craft room. But eventually, it turned around. ^_^ I was determined to not use my Cricut or Silhouette for my card today. I was digging through my embellishment drawer (I really need to come up with a better solution to that) and my embellishment wall (yeah, I have a "embellishment wall" LOL) to find things that I've been meaning to use. Anyhoo, (this is getting too long!) I put all of those items in a pile, and I went to town. I love how this hodgepodge of stuff turned out. I hope you enjoy it too!

"Hey" was from a box of letters I bought a few years back on the scrapbook store they had on Hickam AFB. I loved that little store and I'm almost ashamed to say that's one of the biggest things I miss about Hawaii. The typewriter font is from Walmart in the $.97 bin! The super cool transparent journaling background is from Michael's, I just got a pack of them on clearance, not long ago. They might still have them! The brackets on the end I've had in my stash forever and they are CTMH.

The inside sentiment was a rub-on from Recollections!

The banner I've had for a long time too. I forget the company it's from. I had to cut off a few inches, I was bummed because I loved the print of the other bunting triangles, but it was just too long.


  1. Sometimes, that's when the best projects are created ;)


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