Thursday, April 12, 2012

Need something to scrap about?

Well, I was just browsing the web, looking for a good reason to make a card. Easter is over, now what? I did some digging and found a few worth making a card for!

April is: Cranberries and Gooseberries Month, Month of the Military Child, National Card and Letter Writing Month, National Pet Month, National Humor Month, Cancer Control Month, Defeat Diabetes Month, National Autism Awareness Month. 

April 20 - 29 National Dance Week
April 22 - 28 National Infertility Awareness Week 
April 27 - 29 is National Pie Championships

April 13 - Blame Someone Else Day
April 15 - Take a Wild Guess Day
April 18 - Husband Appreciation Day (yep, thats right!)
April 21 - Big Word Day, Kindergarden Day
April 30 - National Honesty Day

And there's dozens more where that came from! So click here and here and find your reason to scrap today!


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