Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One frame, several pieces!

Ok, I want to start by saying, no, I'm not pregnant. I just saw this on a blog and thought it was such a cute idea and wanted to try to make it myself. Someday I'll be pregnant, and my friends are all getting pregnant. So I can share them!

Anyhoo, I think pregnant bellies are so cute and a pregnancy is worth documenting! So why not do it cutely? My thought exactly. So here's an idea to spruce up your maternity pics! Enjoy!

Remove the glass from the frame if you want to make it pop and 3d!

One for each week (or every two weeks) you are pregnant! -or- You can use it for however many months old your baby is, or years even! The possibilities are endless!

Supplies used:
Cartridges: Ribbons and Rosettes - For rosettes and border, I used 'Crown 3' at 3" for the rosettes and the border was cut at 2". And the numbers were cut at 3.5" out of the Storybook Cartridge.
Paper: KC&Co "Edamame"
The rest was from scraps!!


  1. What a wonderful,precious idea!TFS

  2. Such a cute and creative idea! Hugs!


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