Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some people think I'm nuts...

I think I'm prepared! I mean, if you think about it, this is the end of July, therefore October is only TWO months away... That's nothing! Time is gonna fly by. Plus, we just bought this house and we haven't been here for a Halloween yet, so I need to make decor for a lot of rooms! I'm prepared. ^_^

Ribbons and Rosettes is one of my favorite cartridges, I've been eyeing the spider & web rosette for a while and have been meaning to make this banner for a while. It's a surprise the I hadn't done it already. ;o) 

To make things even funnier, I had my Cameo and E2 going at the same time. I was a crafting WARRIOR yesterday. It took me a while, but I was able to finish it up today! 

I can't wait until the time comes that I can decorate my whole mantel!

I cut the rosette at 2.5" and the spider at 3". Then I put spray adhesive and glittered it up. It would have been SO SO much easier if I had glitter paper. I hot glued everything together and decided to keep some of the glue strings, it looks like spiderwebs!! 

Also, I found this saying on Pintrest and I had to try it. I got a canvas and painted it silver, cut the words and rats out of vinyl and put them on the silver (after it had dried of course). I painted over that with black and when it was dry, I removed the vinyl! You can find the pin here. I *think* I'm going to put this on our front door to greet the trick or treaters! 

I also found these little 3-D pop up haunted houses at Lettering Delights. It's a cute little cut file that has a bunch of different ones. I'm going to make a haunted house village and put it on my mantel! And if I don't want it there I'll find a home for them. They are too cute to not make and put out! Stoked. 

This is a cut file I got from Silhouette and I LOVED the idea of using it for Halloween. Just thinking about a creepy forest theme. I've already used this cut file once. And I couldn't wait to use it again! The bats are also from Silhouette. 

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween projects, this is the first time I'm decorating for Halloween so I need loads of stuff. If you have any ideas, let me know! I'm still looking for ideas for my front porch. ;o) Thanks for looking!


  1. Happy decorating. This banner is so much fun

  2. Wow, stunning decorations. You are on the ball.

    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥

  3. Love it girl! Halloween decor is so much fun! Jealous of your Cameo too. Btw- glitter paper just makes a mess of your mat and hard to cut and fold especially if you wanted to use it for rosettes. Holly :)

  4. Super Scary.... LOL Love that you are already on it! I wish I was on it hee hee:) your projects are amazing. Great Job Girl:)
    {love love}
    Scrappin Madge

  5. cool decor!!!

  6. hahahahaha!! Crafting Warrior.... You are so funny! I think a person needs two months to get prepared! Wow there is so much work put into just the banner ... I love it! I need to get the ribbons and rossette cartridge... The canvas is awesome!!!!! and love the creepy forest... I can't wait to see what else you will make... I just might have to get a head start on it too! Nice mantle and I love the frames above it!! How creative is that! Did you make them??

    1. Nope, I didn't make those but I can send you the link to the guy who did. We were looking forever to find something for our mantel and those were perfect!! Here's the link:


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