Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Thumb

Why can't I keep anything alive?  I mean, everything that's green that I touch almost immediately shrivels up and sinks back into the ground. What's wrong with me? I do everything the articles that I Google tell me to. Meanwhile my husband is traipsing around our back yard like the Troll in Central Park, touching a tree here, a blade of grass there and all of the sudden the garden of eden sprouts from his fingertips. 

It's frustrating. 

  Example, you ask? Sure, I might as well make my organic misfortune public. Behold, the fallen:

My attempt at a herb garden. Thwarted by my recurring "neverremembertowater" syndrome. 

I honestly have no idea what I planted in this one.

This was supposed to be a pumpkin plant that I was going to harvest this fall. Grow some pumpkins I thought. Save some money I thought. Have a super cute decorated porch I thought. Nay. 

This one fared a little better. Sadly, I'm getting lots of vine and no bloom. And that's probably not the last time I'm going to say that. 

Remember the troll I was talking about? Well he has been hard at work, making trees grow. 

Look at all of those cute little sprouts, just trying to live. I don't go near this tree. I don't even water it.

The troll wouldn't let me, even if I wanted to. 

Meanwhile, inside, where I have much more success with my endeavors, I'm making wine bottle vases!

I found this tutorial on Pinetrest (here's the original post and her blog, I totally love it) and decided to try it out. I only did one bottle and it worked PERFECTLY! Now I can confidently say that wherever I go, I'll be trying to rescue empty glass bottles, for my selfish reasons of course. 

All you need is yarn, nail polish remover, a sink full of cold water, a glass bottle and a lighter! Dip the yarn in the nail polish remover, wrap it around the bottle where you'd like it cut. Set the yarn on fire and rotate the bottle (above the sink of course) until the flame extinguishes itself. When the flame goes out put it in the sink of icy water! And it'll pop off! I'm sure it doesn't work every single time, but my first try was a huge success! 

What should I do with the top?

Next up Hoegaarden!! 


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