Friday, August 31, 2012

Hearts Made of Bubbles!

Yesterday was an adventure in my home, to say the least. I set out to clean and reorganize my craft room. Not a journey for the light hearted. After hours of stepping on sewing needles, filling recycling bags full of TINY pieces of paper I just knew I'd use and never did, chasing my puppy throughout the house fighting to retrieve rubber stamps from his grasp, I succeeded. I reached my destination. Clean. I even vacuumed the tiny pieces off of the floor. I ended the day a hero. 

And on top of ALL of that, I even made a card! I realized that I use my Cricut and Cameo all the time, but I never use my stamps. I have a lot of Close To My Heart stamps that I just forgot I had... I made a two cards, one of which turned out way better than the other and that is the one I'll show you. I also found these tiny little fish that I made a couple of years ago. They were at the bottom of a plastic bag I had shoved in the closet. I have serious organization problems. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the card I made in celebration of the fruits of my labor. 



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