Monday, October 8, 2012

Well I did it...

I finally took the plunge into coloring stamps. This was a scary and exciting adventure for me. I must say, I'm not the most artistic person. A while ago I updated my Facebook page, asking if anyone could help me find the right products so I can start coloring. Without investing in Copic Markers, which must be magic or make you sandwiches or something because those things are EXPENSIVE! Anyhoo, the ever so talented and lovely Scrapbooking Queen suggested that I used colored pencils, blending stumps  and mineral spirits. 

I bought these pencils:

Now I know what you are thinking, these have a pretty hefty price tag too. But I had a 50% off coupon for Michaels which thankfully made these very affordable!! 

Here are some things I learned about coloring images:

  • I always knew how talented my fellow crafters are who can color images. But now I have a whole new respect for them! What they do is beautiful work. It's art!
  • It's a lot harder than I thought. 
  • I am in serious need of a basic art class. Shading, color matching, whatever... 
  • It's SO FUN!! And it's so calming too! It's like sitting in a hot tub while drinking a glass of wine and listening to Michael Bublé, for your hands.
Anyhoo, here's my first REAL attempt at coloring (I have once before, on this post, but I didn't have these pencils, blending stumps or mineral spirits then). I am aware that I need a LOT more work, and the shading kinda doesn't make sense, but I had so, so much fun doing it. 


  1. OH Jillian you so very talented for just beginning I think you done an awesome job..
    Royal hugs
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  2. I think they look great! I have recently started coloring stamps too and it is very fun! I just buy a couple of Copics at a time because they are so expensive, but they are definitely worth it. You can also refill them, so you can have the same marker forever.

  3. I think what you did looks absolutely terrific!! The coloring looks great!! (Now, that being said, I know NOTHING about coloring, copics or otherwise...but I DO know what looks pretty, LOK, and this does!!!) Good work!!

  4. Oh Jillian, you did amazing with your first digital!!!!! Wow! I love your card, such beautiful color combo's!! When you get really confident about your coloring skills (which now you should be!)I would love if you consider making cards with my digitals so I can add them to my online digital store that will be up and running soon! Of course you will get the digitals free.. I posted a digital yesterday if you are interested getting a freebie! I have a friend over at that has a whole series of videos on how to color which will also be on my site, she is absolutely amazing and she uses Spectrum Noir Pens which are cheaper. Have fun!

  5. beautiful


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