Sunday, November 18, 2012

Give Thanks **FREEBIE**

 I love this time of year. Any holiday that inspires family to get together and make way too much food and just celebrate each other, is top notch in my book. Something else I'm thankful for is my fantastic extended family. I have been married for 3 years now and this is the first year we are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving! I know a lot of people would cringe, run off a rooftop or in front of a train at the very thought. But, I'm lucky enough to have awesome in-laws! I'm so excited to get over there and soak up the moment. The whole year needs to be like this. Never, EVER lose sight of who and what you are lucky enough to have! It shouldn't only be celebrated during the holidays. It should be celebrated EXTRA during the holidays! 

Ok so, our wonderful Jinger Adams, has kindly given us an adorable printable banner for free!!! You can get it here. I'm so excited because I've been wanting a banner for a wreath I have and this fit the bill perfectly. Make sure you have ink in your printer, obviously. I am brilliant and learned it the hard way, so this is take two of my banner. I was planning on doing way more to it, but I realized that I loved the simplicity of it. The banner is already cute and I wanted it to go with the wreath. I love, love, love it!! 

We want everyone to have fun putting this banner together so we are doing a Link Up Challenge over at Jinger's blog! Be sure to make your banner, however you'd like it and link it up for a chance to win some of Jinger's awesome merchandise!! She's also giving 15% off of your first order! Just use promo code "Thankful" at check out. So check it out, some of my amazing design team sisters have already linked up! 


  1. Great Job!!! Love it! Holly :-)

  2. So pretty!



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