Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jinger Adams Collection and a Discount!

Remember all of the projects I have been making with Jinger Adams's new line? And you're like, "so, uh, that super cute paper? Where the heck can I get it?" Fret no longer, my friends. You can now purchase Jinger's products HERE!!! She has launched her new website and it's quite cute might I add. Take a look around the website. If you check out the "About Us" section, you'll find way more info about Jinger, her right hand lady Kristy Day and the design team! 

Also, Jinger is offering a discount to everyone who "likes" her facebook page! Once you "like" her page you'll find the code there for 15% off!! 

I'm sure you're thrilled with me right now for sharing this awesome info.
You're Welcome. ;o)


Happy shopping!!! 


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