Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stuff This Cute Shouldn't Go Unseen

So, if you have been a reader of mine for a while, you'll probably remember a post here and there about my sister-in-law, Katie. She too is a crafter, scrapbooker, card maker. And she has MASSIVE talent. In those posts I always say "you should see her work". Well, now you get to! I've decided to make her a permanent fixture here at Paper a la Mode. Here's a few of her latest cards, and be sure to check back for more of her awesome work! 


  1. Very pretty cards. Love the cork look on the top one.

  2. Hi Jillian :) I can't decide which one I like most! They are all great. I'm glad I'll get to see more of your sister in laws' work :)


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