About Me

Hello my wonderful readers! My name is Jillian and I have set out to have my own little piece of cyber space. I find solace, happiness and just plain fun in creating something. Anything. My biggest passion, though, is scrapbooking and card making. I'm just beginning to dabble in up-cycling, home decor and ::gasp:: cooking!! All of which I could get way better at. I'm a very proud Air Force wife, and my husband/best friend has been serving for 10 years now and hopefully much, much longer. We have been battling infertility for over a year now, and luckily I have a hobby that helps me keep my mind off of it. But, until we do FINALLY become parents, I have two fur babies. My Papillon boys, Hank and Baxter.

My hope is that my blog will inspire you at the very least. 

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